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Kant was a student and a teacher of mathematics throughout his career, and his reflections on mathematics and mathematical practice had a profound impact on his philosophical thought. He developed considered philosophical views on the status of mathematical judgment, the nature of mathematical definitions, axioms and proof, and the relation between pure mathematics and the natural world.

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In the branding world, color psychology is frequently fussed over, but seldom understood in a concrete way. Studies like these have inspired countless design and branding firms to outline how different colors affect our emotions, like this infographic from The Logo Company :. So, while color psychology may not provide hard and fast rules for every situation, there are plenty of general rules and best practices we can mine from existing research. While communication, and not design, is our bread and butter here at Quantified Communications, our executive clients often ask for suggestions as to how their visual aids should look, or what they should wear on stage.

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This pattern is the de facto standard for most Java EE applications and therefore is widely known by most architects, designers, and developers. The layered architecture pattern closely matches the traditional IT communication and organizational structures found in most companies, making it a natural choice for most business application development efforts.